We are the WAR DOG Team and this is our story . . .

In Dogs We Trust

You are about to enter another world. It is the world of the Australian Defence Force dog handler. The world of canine capabilities in support of national defence has been evolving in Australia since the early 1950s. The leaps and bounds in technology, equipment, acquisition, training and operational deployment of the military working dog team have occurred at a dizzying pace. There have been many great stories of success. There are also a couple of sad stories. There have been stories of incredible - almost unbelievable - feats by our dog teams at war . . .

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Supplementary Chapter

Doggies of the Royal Australian Air Force: - The RAAF owns an enormous array of very expensive equipment. From small helicopters, to huge transport aircraft, to in-flight refuel planes to the most deadly fighter and ground attack aeroplanes on the planet. The protection and security of these assets is a non-stop 24/7/365 high priority imperative for the RAAF wherever they are located - inside and outside Australia. They employ a number of detection,
deterrence and denial resources to help in the protection and security of these combat platforms. One of the most efficient and reliable base security resource is the RAAF military working dog team. The following accounts are of RAAF dog teams on overseas operational duty . . .

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Colour Image Gallery

"A picture is worth a thousand words" so the proverb says.  Images adds authenticity to the thousands of words surrounding the story. In the book "In Dogs We Trust" many of the DOGS and their handler have been printed as black and white images. Follow the link below to open a page dedicated to various galleries of colour images used in the book. Many other images have also been added - particularly of DOGS that did not get into the first edition of IDWT . . .  

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