Combat Profiles

Combat Profiles by Country

“Combat Profiles” is a series of stories from Australian Defence Force (ADF) dog handlers and their military working dogs (MWD) that have been on active service on combat missions. The series is organised into overseas war zones as follows:

Profiles of Korea!

Korea: Series 1

Profiles of Malaya!

Malaya: Series 1

Profiles of South Vietnam!

South Vietnam: Series 1

Profiles of Somalia!

Somalia: Series 2


Profiles of Solomons!

Solomons: Series 2

Profiles of East Timor!

East Timor: Series 3

Profiles of Afghanistan!

Afghanistan: Series 4

Profiles of Other Areas!

Other Areas: Series 5


Each combat profile is numbered. e.g. Series 4 Profile 1 would deal with the first individual who was interviewed in relation to Afghanistan.

Each combat profile deals with specific personnel and military working dog actions while on combat duty. Stories from East Timor and Afghanistan have been passed through the Defence Media system to ensure that no material offensive to the Australian Defence Force has been included. I am grateful to Defence Media for this support.

All personnel were interviewed by LTCOL George Hulse RAE (Retd) by electronic recorder and the material vetted by the person interviewed. Photographs and images were provided by the personnel interviewed, or Defence Media. I am very grateful to all persons who contributed to this project. Each story has the capacity to include additional information e.g. should a person continue to serve on combat duty on future rotations or new/different areas of operations, the additional service will be added to that person’s profile.

All material is copyright to George Hulse and can not be reproduced without the written approval of George Hulse. All rights of individual contributors are reserved by them. Wherever possible, I will acknowledge the images and photographs provided to me by the personnel for whom the story is written.

These profiles demonstrate the incredible contribution of dog handlers and their military working dogs to the safety and security of Australia's defence interests. I hope that you enjoy them all.

G.L. Hulse LTCOL RAE (Retd)
Initial Commander Dog Wing at SME 1971

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